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The working principle of water chiller

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The operation of water chiller system includes three systems which related to each other: freezing medium circulation system, water circulation system, electrical control system.

The compression engine of water chiller: the compression engine is the core component of refrigerating system; it also is the driving force resource of freezing medium’s compression. The function of compression is to transform the electronic energy to mechanical energy and compress the freezing medium.

The basic parts of water chiller’s refrigeration system:

  1. Condenser: condenser plays a role of outputting heat energy and condensing the freezing medium. According to the different of cooling medium and cooling type, condenser has three types: water-cooled condenser, air-cooled condenser and steamed condenser.
  2. Liquid reservoir: the liquid reservoir of refrigeration system equipped behind condenser, it connects directly with the fluid-discharge tube of condenser. When the thermal load of steamer changed, the requirement of freezing medium will change as well. At that time, Liquid reservoir plays a role of adjust and store the freezing medium.
  3. Dry filter: during the refrigerate circulation of water chiller, we must prevent dirties’ entrance, such as greasy dirt, scrap iron and so on. If the water in system doesn’t remove clearly, it will become ice owing to reducing of temperature and pressure, and then influence the normal working of equipment. So dry filter must be equipped.
  4. Freezing medium: in most modern industries, water chiller applies R22 or R12 as freezing medium. The main function of freezing medium is carrying heat and achieves absorption and release of heat.

Water chiller also includes many parts, such as evaporator, thermostatic expansion valve and so on.

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